Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby:

After serving his country in the Army Air Corps, Carroll Shelby started modifying sports cars in his spare time. Of course, the sports cars needed driving and Shelby was quick to take the wheel, winning so many races that his reputation soon spread.

His first design venture married a British 260 Roadster chassis from AC Cars with a Ford V-8. According to Carroll Shelby the name came to him in a dream and the Shelby Cobra went from dream to reality in just eight hours of mechanics and engineering. More Cobra models followed, and in 1965, Shelby moved on to build a better Mustang. The Shelby Mustang GT350 was designed to beat the Corvette in production road racing. Shelby worked with other automakers such as Oldsmobile and Dodge, creating the stunning design of the Dodge Viper.
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